Turkish Music Instruments

Ancient Sound of Anatolia: the Baglama
Baglama. If a single instrument were to represent Turkish folk music it would have to be the baglama. There is no region, no village in Anatolia which is not familiar with this string instrument...
Turkish Percussion Instruments. Darbuka, Daire/Tef (tambourine), Davul (drum), Kudum (small double drum). General information.
Turkish String Instruments: Baglama family, Ud, Tambur, Tar, Kanun, Kemence, Kopuz, Santur, Ceng, Kabak Kemane. General informaition.
Turkish Wind Instruments. Zurna, Cifte, Cigirtma, Kaval, Mey, Sipsi, Tulum (Gayda). Brief information on Turkish wind instrumets.