Belly Dance MusicBelly Dance Music

Belly Dance Music & Oriental Dub. To the Western ear, the unfamiliar instrumentation and exotic melodic flavor of what is generally described as Oriental music has one immediate association... The Belly Dancer.

3 Oyundan 17 Muzik

3 Oyundan 17 Muzik

BaBa ZuLa

In 3 Oyundan 17 Muzik (Seventeen music from three plays) BaBa ZuLa puts together the scores they've done for movies and plays. The band-which consists of musicians from different ethnic backgrounds (American, Turkish, Canadian) - employs both traditional and modern instruments (bass, electric and acoustic saz, def, samplers, cymbals, various african instruments, toys) to carry the well-known Turkish folk tunes through an unkown dimension, through the music of indigineous people, collective improvisation and more modern forms.

3 Oyundan 17 Muzik comprising music created for the plays The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery, Frog Tales by Arnold Lobel and Kitchen Accidents by Perihan Magden.

Guests: Ralph Carney, Brenna McCrimmon and Selim Sesler.

Released: 1999 - Doublemoon